• Nov 12-15 - Rev Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms, Maine - For more information click here.
    • Thursday 7:00 pm Presentation at Bates College, Lewiston
    • Friday 10:00 am - noon Conversation 5:00-7:00 pm Wise and Strong Women SPEAK at Center for Wisdom’s Women, Lewiston
    • Saturday 10:00-3:00 With the Episcopal Diocese, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brunswick
    • Sunday 10:00 a.m. Worship at Trinity Episcopal Church, Lewiston
  • Nov 17 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural Competency Interactive Web Conference (7:30-8:30 pm) with James McKim, Prov I Rep to Exec Council Anti-Racism Task Force, Chair of Diocese of NH Diversity Committee. Topic: Are you benefiting from the establishment?
  • Nov 20-21 - Cultural Awareness and Anti-Racism Facilitators Training for New Trainers, Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield NH, For information and to register, click here.
  • Dec 1-4 - Provincial Leadership Conference, Charleston, SC
  • Dec 9 (8 pm) and Dec 10 (7 pm) - United Thank Offering (UTO) Webinar, learn the process for the Young Adult grant cycle. Come with questions about your application or about how to promote this grant in your area.s. To join by PC or Mac: https://zoom.us/j/8140408194 or by going to www.zoom.us and entering the meeting ID: 814-040-8194. Join by phone: 415-762-9988 or 646-568-7788 Enter meeting ID: 814-040-8194
  • Dec 10-12 - Wendy Barrie, Sharing Faith at Home, Faith Formation Forum, Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield NH REGISTER HERE
  • Dec 15 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural CompetencyInteractive Web Conference (7:30-8:30 pm) - Coming Together Around Race - a Panel discussion hosted by the Rev Karen Montagno with Bishop Gayle Harris, Deacon Ema Rosero-Nordalm and others  
  • Jan 19 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural Competency Web Conference (7:30-8:30 pm) with the Rev. Dr. Bill Kondrath, VISIONS Trainer and Consultant. Topic: The Role of Feeling in Racial Justice Work
  • Jan 21-23 - Trinity Institute Listening for a Change: Sacred Conversations for Racial Justice Sites across the Province will be announced on Province I website Conference info here.
  • Feb 16 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural CompetencyInteractive Web Conference (7:30-8:30 pm) - Province I Unpacks Implications of  Trinity Institute's Listening for A Change
  • Feb 19-20 - All Our Children, Regional Gathering for Congregations Partnering with Public Schools, Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield NH. Register here.
  • Mar 15 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural Competency Interactive Web Conference (7:30-8:30 pm) with James McKim, Prov I Rep to Exec Council Anti-Racism Task Force, Chair of Diocese of NH Diversity Committee. Topic: How to Host Diversity Dinners
  • Apr  19 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural CompetencyWeb Call 7:30-8:30 pm
  • April 22-23 - Cultural Awareness and Anti-Racism Facilitators Training, Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield NH. For more information and to apply, click here.
  • May 4-7 - Eric Law and Kaleidescope in New England, Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield NH​
  • May 17 - Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural CompetencyWeb Call 7:30-8:30 pm

Holy Conversations Online (All are welcome; Contact Julie to get log in information)

  • Exploring Diversity and Nurturing Cultural Competencies, Third Tuesday of the month, 7:30 pm (See topics above).

Standing Meetings

  • Province I Executive Committee, Second Thursday, 8 am
  • Province I School for Deacons Committee, Second Thursday, 1 pm
  • Province I Cultural Competency and Anti-Racism Task Force, varies
  • Creating the Common Good in New England - All Our Children Regional Conference Planning, varies.
  • Provincial Coordinators, Second Tuesday, 4 pm

Diocesan Conventions

  • Maine, Portland, Oct 23-24
  • New Hampshire, Grappone Center, Concord, Nov 6
  • Western Massachusetts, Springfield Marriott, Nov 6
  • Vermont, Burlington, Nov 6-7
  • Rhode Island, St Luke's, East Greenwich, Nov 6-7
  • Connecticut, Cromwell, Nov 13-14
  • Massachusetts, Cathedral Church of St Paul, Nov 13-14

Province I can be found via:

We need


Spirit Trackers are people who hear a small voice calling and recognize God's Presence.  We need Spirit Trackers to help us connect local leaders with provincial leadership (see linked names below).

In addition to reading about our efforts, JOIN THE CONVERSATION on the Province 1 Facebook Page and ENGAGE OUR STORIES on our Youtube Channel.

We particularly want you to help us meet the three priorities the Delegates and Bishops of New England identified for the Province at the May 2013 Synod. 

1. Offer a Prophetic Voice/Be Social Witnesses - Province I has a long history of raising awareness and asking compelling questions. Some of the conversations we led include Will Our Children Have Faith?; Reclaiming the Sacredness of All Creation; Sacramental Relationships of Fidelity, Holiness, and Commitment; Stewardship, Evangelization, and Congregational Development. Current efforts include Holy Conversations about 1) Creating the COmmon Good in New England, 2) Human Trafficking, 3) Cultural Competency and Multicultural Awareness, and 4) Violence in all its forms.  Please contact the Julie to learn how to join these initiatives. 

2. Support Communities of Practice as they emerge - shift from presumed networks to recognize places and spaces where God's People are gathering and serving God's Mission. Current initiatives include monthly web conversations among deacons (Talking on the road to Emmaus), those interested in Economic Justice (Creating the Common Good in New England), and those interested in Cultural Competencies and Multicultural Awareness.

3. Provide Resources - through grants (Sowing Seeds), web conferencing, educational offerings, and personnel that can help with project leadership and resource distribution. Current initiatives include an Annual Formation Leaders Retreat (Dec), Cultural Competency Facilitators Trainings, Deacons training and lifelong learning, Trinity Institute web conferences (Jan), and the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter.

TELL US: Where do you see the Spirit in your community? What should we be talking about within the Province? Where is the passion we should not miss? 




CONTACTS: Communities of Practice in the Province





Definition of a Province

A Province, one of the nine geographical gatherings of dioceses within the Episcopal Church exists to support the body of Christ in that part of the Church by…

A. Fulfilling their responsibilities as outlined in the Episcopal Church canons, or as may be assigned to it by the General Convention and/or Executive Council by:

  • Electing Provincial Synod officers and responding to all matters brought to the Synod, including enactment of budget and governing ordinances.
  • Electing judges to a Provincial Court of Review.
  • Electing clerical and lay provincial Executive Council Representatives
  • Electing or appointing other provincial representatives.
  • Participating in the development of program and budget proposals for consideration by the General Convention
  • Receiving program from the General Convention budget and providing accountability to the General Convention for the use of those funds.

B. Discerning the mission and ministry distinctive to that region and time, and facilitating the empowering of those ministries within the province by:

  • Encouraging and facilitating cooperation and collaboration across diocesan lines, with the Executive Council, and with the Episcopal Church Center Staff
  • Initiating, implementing, overseeing and evaluating programming, when appropriate and desirable
  • Facilitating the sharing of resources and information within and among the provinces.

- From The Burlington/Chesapeake Document 2004


 Seed Money for Growing God's Mission

The Executive Committee is now accepting grant applications from Province I members for mission-oriented projects or programs.  Grants of $500-$2,500 are available for collaborative projects/programs that involve two or more Province I dioceses. Proposals are accepted throughout the year until funds are exhausted and will be reviewed during the monthly Executive Committee Meeting, usually the second Thursday of the month. We anticipate that most projects/programs will occur within the fiscal year, though multi-year efforts will be accepted with assumption that the grant could be renewed or extended into another fiscal year. 

To apply, download the application in Word (.doc or .docx). Then, email your completed file to the Province 1 Executive Director


  • Faith at Home, Dec 10-12, 2015 - $2500 - Wendy Claire Barry will offer practical ways to share faith in our homes during different seasons of the church year.
  • Earth Credo Feasibility Study, 2015-2016 - $2500 - "Earth CREDO" is envisioned as a three-year curriculum curriculum including spiritual practices in nature, scriptural, ethical, and theological foundations, and exposure to a range of practical ministry opportunities. This project will assess whether a collaborative approach to providing practical Earth ministry training is feasible, what likely audiences/markets might be, what forms, content, venues, etc. appear most promising, who potential teachers are, and what the costs and management structures might be. The goal is to conduct a pilot “Earth Credo” program in late spring or early summer of 2016.
  • B+E+S+T Conference Preparation, Portland Maine, May 2016 - $1750 - Liz Crawley, RI - Bishop's Executive Secretaries Together will meet in 2016 "to empower members through networking and education, to value our ministry and to support the ministry of our bishops and the wider Church." The Province I planning team is developing a conference that encourages high participation through quality programs, time for camaraderie and networking with old and new friends, and taking the occasion to highlight the features of Province I while enjoying the beautiful city of Portland.
  • Rev Becca Stevens, Thistle Farm, NE Presentations, Nov 12-14, 2015 - $1000, Gretchen Lane, Diocese of ME
  • Kids4Peace NH, August 2015 - $2500 - continuation grant; OCTOBER 2015 UPDATE FROM JERUSALEM
  • Cultural Awareness and Anti-Racism Trainer Training, Nov 20-21, 2015 - $2500 - (second installment of 2013 grant) launch of newly developed provincial resources and pedagogical processes to use them in a variety of settings
  • Alzheimer's Project  - $2500 - (second installment of 2014 grant)
  • Northeast Ecumenical Stewardship Council - Conference - April 17-18, 2015 - $2500 
  • Creating the Common Good in New England Retreat, Feb 19-21 - $2500 - Pru Pease, Bridges out of Poverty trainer, led a two-day interactive forum to explore the language and environments of those who are in situations of instability/poverty, stability/middle class, and excess/wealth and identify ways to overcome barriers that prohibit all from sharing in the common good with planning for continuing efforts in the province. 
  • Creating the Common Good (Trinity Institute)Provincial Sites Registrations, Jan 22-24, 2015,  - $2500


  • The Once and Future Church, Dec 11-13, 2014 - $2500 - Lisa Kimball and Patricia Lyons have created a two-night, three day interactive event that weaves Harry Potter, game theory, and faith formation as they explore how we, Christians, are part of an epic story that tkes seriously the world in which we live and connects God's Story with out own.  Participants will leave with practical tools for Christian formation in a changing church. Province I is paying presenters costs for this faith formation workshop.
  • Peoples Climate March Sept 21 NYC - $1800 - Province I is subsidizng the cost of transportation for participants in this march.
  • B*E*S*T Conference - $750 - Province I will be the site of the 2016 Bishop's Executive Secretaries Together Conference. This grant will enable the Province I Executive Board Members to meet and develop plans for the event.
  • EYE Roadtrip - July 8-13 - $2500 - Assist youth and adult leaders from Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to travel by bus to Villanova, PA and host a pizza dinner during their overnight with CT youth and adults in North Haven, CT. 
  • Alzheimer’s Project ~ Training Clergy and Laypeople to Assist Parishioners with Dementia - $2500 in 2014/$2500 in 2015 The Alzheimer’s Project is a collaborative effort between the dioceses of Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts to train Clergy (2014-2015) and laypeople (2015-2016) to assist parish families struggling with Alzheimer’s and dementia issues. The Alzheimer’s Project provides an opportunity to expand parish ministries in an area of critical need. Trainees will provide support, understanding and compassion to assist parishioners on a one-to-one basis.  This much needed vibrant ministry will be open to all dioceses in Province 1. Contact Doreen C. Putnam, Alzheimer’s Specialist.
  • Pilgrimage for Earth:  From Loss to Hope  - June 26-29, 2014 - $2500 -  this four-day event seeks to raise awareness and spur action on behalf of God's creation. It builds upon the inspiration and energy developed through the 2013 Climate Revival and the New England Regional Environmental Ministries (NEREM). The pilgrimage explores themes of the Triduum (the end of Holy Week) with a focus on lament for the losses God's Earth has suffered through human hands.  Those who join this journey, or any part of it, will experience services inspired by Maundy Thursday, Tenebrae, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, the Great Vigil of Easter and Easter morning as we face the losses Earth has endured and acknowledge the grief this suffering brings to us and then claim the hope offered by God's ongoing Resurrection power in the world.  In other words, we will view Earth’s distress through the lens of Christ’s Passion, proclaiming in the end hope for the future.  Further information is available on the Pilgrimage website. The contact is The Rev. Steve Blackmer, Church of the Woods.
  • Kids4Peace NH @ Camp Windsor Hills - August 7 - 17 - $2500 -  Veterans from the Diocese of Vermont and folks from the Diocese of New Hampshire will collaborate to establish a New Hampshire Kids4Peace experince. Started in 2002 by Vermonter Henry Ralph Carse while he served at St. George’s College, Jerusalem, the goal is to take young people out of the violence in Israel/Palestine for a safe camping experience with kids in the United States, encouraging them to work together for peace. The initiative begins in Jerusalem where 12-year-olds enter a six-year long adventure in education and dialogue that eventually leads to making friends across the cultural and religious divide that defines their city. First year camp experiences for 11-13 year-olds and their families, who commit to courageous dialogue; Kids of all faiths and none are welcomed into an inclusive educational process engaging Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other traditions; Continuation Programs for 13-15 year-olds nourish the seeds planted in the first year, strengthening dialogue and friendship; Leadership Training Sessions for 15-18 year-olds introduce Kids4Peace alumni to further skills and prepare them to become ambassadors of peace in their societies. Contact The Rev. Kate Anderson.
  • The New England Deacons Network Conference - $1000 - Contact The Rev Deacon Kyle Pedersen.


  • Climate Change Revival - $1800 - Contact The Rev. Stephanie Johnson
  • Province I Bishops' Retreat - $2500 - Contact The Right Rev. Stephen Lane
  • Province I Deaconal Formation Process - remainder of 2012 grant for ordained minister formation - Contact The Rev. Molly James


  • CARING FOR GOD'S CREATION - A Four-week Multi-generational Curriculum - $2500 - to assist congregations develop and deepen theological appreciation for and concern about the environment as highlighted by the House of Bishops Pastoral Teaching. Vermont's Bishop Tom Ely is leading a team that includes Province 1 Energy Stewardship Minister the Rev Stephanie Johnson to create and publish this curriculum. The goal is to have a preliminary draft by February which will be piloted in congregations then tweaked for church-wide launch in September 2013. Partners come from across the country and include Province 4, The Episcopal Church, and individual bishops -  contact The Right Rev. Thomas Ely  or The Rev. Stephanie Johnson.
  • CULTURAL COMPETENCY TRAINING - $2500 in each 2012-13 and 2013-144 - The staff of Province I dioceses will collaboratively develop a program designed to increase the cultural competency of the clergy and lay leaders in our dioceses. This program will enable participants to enhance their ability to build relationships with people of differing cultural or life circumstances: race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ableness, language, political views, religious differences, etc. It is designed to address both “isms” and the more benign differences that divide us and increase the participant’s capacity to lead. We anticipate that the program will be offered several times a year in the Province over the next five years. Contact the Rev Canon Linda Grentz.
  • ECUMENICAL CONVERSATION ON FORMING ORDAINED MINISTERS - $2500 - Grant will be used for May 9, 2013 Province 1 ecumenical conversation on best practices in forming ordained leaders for the Christian church in the 21st century hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of CT and Hartford Seminary. Contact the Rev. Molly James, PhD.
  • STIRRINGS OF THE SPIRIT - $2500 - a strategy for the Episcopal Church in Vermont to discern where the Spirit is calling us through exploring new understandings and expressions of what it means to follow Jesus in a rapidly changing world. In the years 2013—15, a leadership team will research, explore, and identify resources, models, and funds to enact and support spiritually healthy church communities and inspire new expressions of church. Funds from Province 1 will assist us in the start-up phase. Contact Susan Ohlidal
  • ENERGY STEWARDSHIP CURRICULUM - $2500 - contact the Rt. Rev. Tom Ely/the Rev. Stephanie Johnson
  • TITLE IV TRAINING - $1000 - contact Rev. Canon Mally Lloyd
  • RHYTHMS OF GRACE - Training for Province - $525 - contact The Rev. Rebecca Black. 28 people attended the training, from 7 parishes, and three dioceses: Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Diocese of Maine will begin the Rhythms of Grace service at St. Stephen the Martyr in Waterboro, Maine in October 2012. The Diocese of New Hampshire will begin the Rhythms of Grace service at St. Christopher’s in Hampstead, NH on October 6, 2012. The Diocese of MA South Shore Deanery is planning to begin two Rhythms of Grace services – once the sites are picked, services will most likely begin in November 2012.
  • TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, FOR GOD's SAKE -Energy Stewardship Campaign - $2375 - contact The Rev. Stephanie Johnson.
  • CRUSHING POVERTY: SERVICE AND SOLIDARITY WITH THOSE ON THE EDGE - New England Deacons Network Conference- $1000 - contact The Rev Deacon Kyle Pedersen  

Upcoming Events