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Building Faith: Christian Formation Inspiration 

Building Faith is a blog providing practical resources for faith formation with children, youth, and adults. Maintained by the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) at Virginia Theological Seminary, it offers articles, advice, reviews, success stories and seasonal ideas for Christian formation with all ages. Whether you are a formation professional, volunteer, parent, teacher, clergy, or parish staff, the CMT works to serve you, as you make and form disciples of Jesus Christ. You can browse and search Building Faith online for free, and subscribe for free to receive each new article by email.

For example, here is an article about sharing the Good News via notes of blessings on cars parked near your church.

Grow Christians: Practicing Faith at Home

"Grow Christians" is an online resource for disciples practicing faith at home. Sections on discipleship, parenting, the liturgical year, prayer and more. we aim to create an online community of discipleship focused on the practical details of life at home. Gathering reflections, stories, images and recipes from diverse Episcopalians, this group blog inspires generations to come together as they celebrate the presence of God through the Christian year. For example, this article talks about how to pray with your children


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