These are videos to consider for resources to begin Youth conversations as it relates to their experiences and exposure in the world.  Videos include resources for middle school to young adults.


MODEL PLATFORM (video is 5 minutes 48 seconds)

  • Good conversations is a UMC series of youth discussions led by a religious leader.  There are at least 10 videos in the series.  One is provided as a model / resource:


EMPATHY (1st video - 2 min. 38 sec.; 2nd  video – 3 min. 55 sec. ; 3rd  video – 2 min. 13 sec.)

These videos are resources to begin conversations on empathy from a Christian lens and ministry. The videos are set in a school setting so it is more relatable to youth. The videos also enables youth to see differences in challenges youth face due to ethnicity or class.


PRIVILEGE (1st video - 4 min. 51 seconds; 2nd video – 1 min. 15 seconds)

The Decoded Privilege video is a good resource for youth and young adults to begin conversations on privilege.

Attached is the trailer for a MTV documentary on White Privilege. The full documentary is 45 minutes and playing provides an opportunity to have more in-depth conversations.

SOCIAL JUSTICE (1 min. 05 seconds)

Social justice conversation starter video followed by a .net website:

WEBSITE RESOUCES for next steps and/or action related activities:


  • Building Faith

  • PRC - Practical Resources for Churches

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