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I am honored and delighted to be called as the Coordinator for Province I, a role that will allow me to serve you and your ministries in continuing, new and perhaps surprising ways. I am following in the footsteps of many capable leaders including Julie Lytle, Gene Robinson, Ran Chase, Susan Ohlidah, and Sarah Dylan Bruer, who have expertly led this province through so much: times of joy and challenge, times of reward and investment. I couldn’t be more humbled to become part of this legacy nor more enthusiastic to begin work alongside you inspiring, gifted Episcopalians across New England.

As I assume this new role, we are in the midst of a global pandemic and are being called to show faithfulness and care for all people in ways that only a few short months ago were unimaginable to us. Sometimes we are overwhelmed; sometimes stirred to new thinking. We are called anew to challenge and dismantle the sins of racism, sexism, homophobia and prejudice in our midst and to seek and serve Christ in all people. We are called to steward the gift of creation in ways that befit the beauty and richness with which we have been entrusted. We don’t always agree on the best ways to address these challenges yet we are always together, one Church, seeking and residing in God’s loving abundance amidst changing global circumstances.

“Church work” is good stuff. It’s rich and challenging and bold. It calls us to use our gifts and to develop new competencies and capacities as we ourselves are continually inspired by the Spirit. She calls us to come together, to ask questions and seek answers. He calls us to be still and to look and listen. Provinces are geographic entities set apart  within the broader network of the national and international church to support dioceses, congregations, organizations and individuals who are working to realize God's mission on Earth. As Province 1, the Episcopal dioceses in New England, we will continue to forge new ways onward and outward in Christ’s name, remembering our tradition, legacy and future together. 


As I live into this new call as your province coordinator, I will search for the ways you are working in God’s name to create God’s dreams in reality. Together with your Executive Committee, province delegates, and in the fullness of beloved community, I commit to sharing your stories, connecting you to each other and celebrating with you the good and challenging work to which we are each called. I will listen to you, learn from you, pray and grow alongside you as we discern together what God’s dream might really be in this world, at this time.

So, let's begin!



Emily Ainsworth Keniston, Ms.Ed.

Province Coordinator

(207) 210-7500