Spread the Word...Evangelizing Through Whispers and Actions

You’re sitting in a movie theater at your local megaplex, watching a film, eating popcorn and drinking a soda—which you paid for by bartering your car for a few hours. (Ok, that last bit is an exaggeration—but only a little.) One character in the film leans into another and whispers an unbelievably meaningful and important line and all in the theater react appropriately…And we do so because, well, we were all privy to this oh so meaningful—and important!—bit of dialogue. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all possessed this singular aspect of movie magic so that whenever we uttered something meaningful and important everyone who was intended to hear it would be easily able to hear and understand what

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Episcopal Province of New England (Province I)

Emily Keniston, MS. Ed.

Province I Coordinator

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