Province 1's Executive Director Accepts Position with Bexley Seabury Seminary

The Rev. Kit Wang, President of the Episcopal Province of New England (Province 1), has accepted the resignation of Province 1's Executive Director, Dr. Julie Lytle, effective November 14, 2019. "Julie's tenure as ED has greatly enriched the life of Province 1 as well as the broader church, particularly enhancing network relationships as we work together to expand ministry and formation opportunities ," Wang said. "I am sorry to see Julie leave, and feel that she has left us in a better place from which to do ministry and to work collaboratively to strengthen the ministry of each diocese within Province 1." For the past year, Lytle worked half time with Province I and half time with Bexley S

Rev Dr. Lynda Tyson announced new dean of Province One School for Deacons

The bishops of Province One are excited to announce the call of the Rev Dr. Lynda Tyson to be the new dean of the Province One School for Deacons. Dean Tyson will begin her ministry on Nov. 1, 2019. She is a priest in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) and formerly Coordinator of the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation at Berkeley and Yale Divinity Schools. She has served parishes in Connecticut and Massachusetts and as Berkeley’s Interim Associate Dean and Director of Anglican Formation. Dean Tyson understands discerning God’s call as a lifelong process and enjoys helping seekers move out of their cerebral comfort zones into affective “emotional intelligence” learning and format

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