Episcopal Church Releases Reponse to Environmental Crisis

Grace for Creation

Written by The Rev Stephanie Johnson and The Rev Jerry Cappel with a forward by Bishop Thomas Ely

In 2011, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued a pastoral letter on the environment. In response, Stephanie Johnson (former Province I Energy Stewardship Minister) and Jerry Cappel, with support from a Sowing Seeds of God's Mission Grant, created a five-week study course titled A Life of Grace for the Whole World. The curriculum follows the five sections of the Bishops' letter. It explores the theology at the heart of environmental crises and guides Christians in developing a practical response.

Bishop Ely recommends it wholeheartedly: "It is a deep and thorough exploration of our pastoral teaching, yet it is presented in a way that makes it easy to use in parish settings or on weekend retreats." In the curriculum's forward, Bishop Ely writes, "The teaching we produced invites the Church to recognize the salvation of all creation as the work of Christ in the world. It presses us to recognize that because we are called to live in Christ and with Christ, we in turn seek to live 'a life of grace for the whole world.' It encourages the church to respond in terms that have always been central to its Christian faith and life: repentance, worship, redemption, salvation, obedience and holiness. This is important, for it is calling the church to be faithful to itself." Read more from "The Living Church."

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