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2014 Grant Distribution

The Once and Future Church, Dec 11-13, 2014 - $2500 - Lisa Kimball and Patricia Lyons have created a two-night, three day interactive event.

Peoples Climate March Sept 21 NYC - $1800 - Province I is subsidizng the cost of transportation for participants in this march.

B*E*S*T Conference - $750 - Province I will be the site of the 2016 Bishop's Executive Secretaries Together Conference. This grant will enable the Province I Executive Board Members to meet and develop plans for the event.

EYE Roadtrip - July 8-13 - $2500 - Assist youth and adult leaders from Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to travel by bus to Villanova, PA and host a pizza dinner during their overnight with CT youth and adults in North Haven, CT.

Alzheimer’s Project ~ Training Clergy and Laypeople to Assist Parishioners with Dementia - $2500 in 2014/$2500 in 2015 - The Alzheimer’s Project is a collaborative effort between the dioceses of Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts to train Clergy (2014-2015) and laypeople (2015-2016) to assist parish families struggling with Alzheimer’s and dementia issues.

Pilgrimage for Earth: From Loss to Hope - June 26-29, 2014 - $2500 - this four-day event seeks to raise awareness and spur action on behalf of God's creation. The contact is The Rev. Steve Blackmer, Church of the Woods.

Kids4Peace NH @ Camp Windsor Hills - August 7 - 17 - $2500 - Veterans from the Diocese of Vermont and folks from the Diocese of New Hampshire will collaborate to establish a New Hampshire Kids4Peace experince. Contact The Rev. Kate Anderson.

The New England Deacons Network Conference - $1000 - Contact The Rev Deacon Kyle Pedersen.

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