2015 Grant Distribution

All Our Children Regional Forum, Feb 19-20, 2016 - $2500 – introduce congregation and public school partnerships and support congregations in established partnership to increase educational equity

Faith at Home, Dec 10-12, 2015 - $2500 - Wendy Claire Barry will offer practical ways to share faith in our homes during different seasons of the church year.

Earth Credo Feasibility Study, 2015-2016 - $2500 - "Earth CREDO" is envisioned as a three-year curriculum including spiritual practices in nature, scriptural, ethical, and theological foundations, and exposure to a range of practical ministry opportunities. This project will assess whether a collaborative approach to providing practical Earth ministry training is feasible, what likely audiences/markets might be, what forms, content, venues, etc. appear most promising, who potential teachers are, and what the costs and management structures might be. The goal is to conduct a pilot “Earth Credo” program in late spring or early summer of 2016.

B+E+S+T Conference Preparation, Portland Maine, May 2016 - $1750 - Liz Crawley, RI - Bishop's Executive Secretaries Together will meet in 2016 "to empower members through networking and education, to value our ministry and to support the ministry of our bishops and the wider Church."

Rev Becca Stevens, Thistle Farm, NE Presentations, Nov 12-14, 2015 - $1000, Gretchen Lane, Diocese of ME

Kids4Peace NH, August 2015 - $2500 - continuation grant; OCTOBER 2015 UPDATE FROM JERUSALEM

Cultural Awareness and Anti-Racism Trainer Training, Nov 20-21, 2015 - $2500 - (second installment of 2013 grant) launch of newly developed provincial resources and pedagogical processes to use them in a variety of settings

Alzheimer's Project - $2500 - (second installment of 2014 grant)

Northeast Ecumenical Stewardship Council - Conference - April 17-18, 2015 - $2500

Creating the Common Good in New England Retreat, Feb 19-21 - $2500 - Pru Pease, Bridges out of Poverty trainer, led a two-day interactive forum to explore the language and environments of those who are in situations of instability/poverty, stability/middle class, and excess/wealth and identify ways to overcome barriers that prohibit all from sharing in the common good with planning for continuing efforts in the province.

Creating the Common Good (Trinity Institute) Provincial Sites Registrations, Jan 22-24, 2015 - $2500

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