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Stewardship of Creation Grants Update

As of November 2017, twenty-four grants have been awarded by the Advisory Council for the Stewardship of Creation and approved by the Episcopal Church Executive Council. Four were awarded to Province 1 sites:

  • Round 1: Episcopal Church in New Hampshire, to support for a 40 day spiritual journeys of renewal and restoration via canoes and kayaks along the Connecticut River involving all the New England dioceses. Worship materials, rituals and prayers will be shared broadly around the church for others to replicate: $7000

  • Round 2: Emmanuel Church, Newport, RI (Diocese of Rhode Island), to support hydroponic gardening with children; food to go to local pantry with important focus on developing meditation and worship materials to deepen reflection on God’s creation: 10,000.

  • Round 2: St. John’s, Stamford, CT (Diocese of Connecticut), to fund a reforestation program with the Parish of the Good Samaritan in Grose Morne, Haiti and will include a video which will be used with the re-planting program and formation within the community: $10,000.

  • Round 2: Support for the Rock Point Program (Diocese of Vermont) to develop bee pollinators in the area of an existing solar farm. Includes a strong program to introduce people of faith and visitors to the concepts of creation care as well as a robust communication strategy which would be a model for other communities: $10,000.

The New England Regional Consultative Group will meet October 14, 2017, in Grafton, MA.

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