Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week began November 14... and needs to continue every day.

With thanks to the Episcopal Church in CT, here is a collection of resources within The Episcopal Church.

  • Integrity USA: As an Episcopal LGBTQ organization, Integrity USA proclaims and embodies the all-inclusive love of God through worship, education, and advocacy.

  • Believe Out Loud: Believe Out Loud is an online network that empowers Christians to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. We elevate the people and places where Christianity and LGBT justice intersect.

  • Connecticut Statement: A statement created originally by ECCT clergy in response to the Nashville Statement and now signed by clergy and laity of many denominations who "believe that God is bigger than we can possibly imagine and that our theological vision must be expansive enough to include all people."

  • Gay Christian Network: Guided by the light and love of Christ, The Gay Christian Network is transforming attitudes toward LGBTQ people across denominations and cultures. We equip churches, educate lay people, build supportive communities, influence key thought leaders, foster self-acceptance, and advocate on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed

  • Religious Institute: Focus on LGBTQ Justice, Reproductive Justice, Preparing Religious Leaders, and Sexuality Education by offering worship resources, advocacy resources, online courses, and publications.

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