UTO and the Good Book Club

UTO is grateful to be a part of the Forward Movement experience called the Good Book Club, which begins on February 11, the first Sunday of Lent. The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians (and anyone interested) to read through the books of Luke and Acts in the Bible during Lent and Easter. Organizations from around the Church are creating materials to support individuals and groups in the process of reading through the Bible.

We are pleased to announce that UTO is offering a free downloadable booklet, Mission of Gratitude, for you to use on this Lenten journey. Each week, the booklet offers a short reflection on the readings, questions for contemplation or discussion, space to journal, and a story and a link to a video about a UTO grant site.

We hope that this booklet not only will help you deepen your experience of reading scripture, but also will help you engage with journaling as a way to deepen your gratitude and scripture reading experience. For many of us (Heather especially) keeping a journal is a challenge, so Lent is a great time to try something new and see if it is a discipline you might like to keep doing.

To learn more about the Good Book Club or see what other resources are available, please visit http://www.goodbookclub.org.

To download the Mission of Gratitude booklet, please visit https://www.episcopalchurch.org/files/documents/uto-mission-of-gratitude-booklet.pdf.

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