Participate In PLC Preparing for General Convention Webinar Series

The Provincial Leadership Conference (PLC) is sponsoring a series of monthly webinars for deputies and bishops who will be voting on resolutions at General Convention. Presenters will offer their perspectives on some of the issues coming before General Convention.

The PLC chose to focus the webinars on the pillars of the Presiding Bishop's vision of Beloved Community - reconciliation, evangelism, and environment - as well as resolutions around structure and canon changes. Individuals who have worked on some of the submitted resolutions throughout this triennium and others knowledgeable in the focus field have been enlisted as panelists for the webinars.

The webinars will be on the second Thursday of the month. They will be live beginning at 7:30-9:00pm ET. Panelists will present their thoughts about the resolutions /issues followed by questions and answers.

Please save the dates and join us for these upcoming conversations:

  • March 8, focus on reconciliation, prison reform, gun violence and more. Presenters include

  • James McKim

  • Walter "Van" Zandt Windsor, and

  • Kelly Brown Douglas.

  • April 12, focus on evangelism, small congregations, leveraging social media, church planting. Presenters include

  • Colin and Laurel Mathewson,

  • Amiee Altizer,

  • Tom O'Brien, and

  • Susan Snook

  • May 10, focus on structure, provinces, Title IV, and church wide leadership. Presenters include

  • Mariann Budde,

  • Polly Getz,

  • Thom Peters,

  • Molly James, and

  • Scott Haight

  • June 14, focus on environment. Presenters include

  • Marc Andrus,

  • Stephanie Johnson,

  • Tom Bruttell, and

  • Bernadette Demientieff

To participate, you will need a computer with high speed internet access (hard wired preferred to wireless wifi) and a sound card. Webinars are using the ZOOM webconference platform. Log in information, as well as instructions to access Spanish language translation, will be sent to those who register using the links below.

Use the links below to read short biographies and see pictures of presenters (note: the June webinar is still a work in progress). At the bottom of the landing page is the button for registration. You need to register so we know how many people/devises will attend (there is a 500 participant limit). We encourage groups to view together - note, only one person should register for the group. Also, please indicate if you would like a Spanish interpreter.

Use these links to learn more and to register for each webinar:

The webinars will be recorded for continued access and can be found under the General Convention tab on the Province I website at shortly after they happen.

The Blue Book reports and the resolutions are available as they are ready on the General Convention website

The PLC is excited about this opportunity to provide access to some of the thoughts and ideas for General Convention, to allow deputies and bishops some question and answer time and to connect people in this way.

#GeneralConvention #Webinars

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