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In CT, New Safe Church Model Policies require more people to be trained; new protocols for off-site

Changes in the (Safe Church) Model Policies for Children & Youth, and for Vulnerable Adults, created and adopted by The Episcopal Church in 2018 and adopted in ECCT 1/1/2019, require more people to get training. See the chart "Appendix A", found in both Model Policies.

In addition both Model Policies have additional requirements for events, programs, or trips that are held off-site. First among these requirements is assurance from the "governing body" of the sponsor that the event or program or trip will be in compliance with model policies, will make acceptable fiduciary arrangements if money is involved, and will identify or obtain proper insurance, all of these to be recorded in the minutes of the governing body. See Section VI (H) in the ​ Model Policies for guidance in identifying the governing body and for details of this plus the other related requirements. Ministry Networks with no identified other governing body should complete and submit this form so that the Bishops and Canons can certify compliance.

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