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2019 Sowing Seed Grant Recipients

Seed Money for Growing God's Mission

Grants of $500-2000 are available for collaborative efforts involving people from two or more dioceses. Funds are dispursed on a rolling basis until funds are depleted. The Province had $14,000 available in 2019. This amount is available for 2020 as well.

2019 Recepients Include:

Spiritual Formation for Deacons Retreat - $2000 - Contact Derek Scalia program planner and Jason Burns

Episcopal Peace Fellowship 80th Anniversary Pilgrimage Toward Racial Reconciliation -$2,000 - Contact Rev. Will Mebane

Effective Climate Change Communications - $2000 - Contact Alex Chatfield

Association for Episcopal Deacons Triennial Conference - Cost Reduction Fund - $2000 - Contact Jan Grinnall

Province I Ordinance Revision - $2000 - Contact Kit Wang

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