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Don't fall for scam emails!

Please note that a common form of email phishing is to use the name of a trusted clergyperson as the display name for an email and to ask for gift cards to be sent to that address without verification through non-email channels of communication.

Do not send gift cards to any such email making these requests. Know that no legitimate church organization will ask for any money or gifts to be sent directly to church leaders secretly, and that official church communications will come from email addresses signed to that church organization's website. These scam attempts play on your trust, and also ask you to ignore our very real rules against abuse that make these requests illegitimate even if they had come from the clergyperson whose identity is being used.

Recently, another wave of these emails have been targeted against people involved in Province 1 ministry. Know that we will never ask you to send us gift cards, we will never ask you to contact us secretly, and we will never conduct provincial business using email addresses that aren't associated with our provincial, diocesan, or parish websites.

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